• What’s in the Proposed City Streets Bond?

    What’s in the Proposed City Streets Bond?

    During last week’s City Council work session, members of the Council’s “future needs committee” and City staff outlined a proposed $174.5 million bond package for City streets. If it is approved, it will be the first City street bond package in 12 years. Where are the projects, what’s included, and how much will they cost? The bond can be broken down into two categories; the first is the “Arterial Street Program”, and the second is the “Broadway and Pedestrian Creek Crossing”.

    Arterial Street Program - $133 million
    Within the Arterial Street Program category of the bond proposal, there are two types of projects: rebuild and widening.
    Rebuild Projects
    • 34th St. from Avenue Q to I-27
    • 34th St. from I-27 to Avenue A
    • 34th St. from Quaker to Slide
    Widening Projects
    • Erskine St. from four lanes to five between Avenue S and I-27
    • 82nd St. from two lanes to three between I-27 and MLK Blvd.
    • 114th St. from three lanes to five between Indiana and city limits east of University
    • 114th St. from two lanes to five between Frankford and Slide
    • Milwaukee Ave. from two lanes to five between CR 6430 and 4th St.
    • MLK Blvd. from two lanes to three between Loop 289 and 82nd St.
    • University Ave. from three lanes to seven between 98th St. and 114th St.
    • 98th St. from two lanes to three between Upland Ave. and Alcove
    • Upland Ave. from two lanes to five between 4th St. and 19th St.
    Broadway and Pedestrian Creek Crossing - $41.5 million
    This section includes two projects. The first is a rebuild of the existing brick and asphalt on Broadway that connects University Ave. to Canyon Lakes Dr. The proposal would replace the surface with the historic brick found on Broadway and other brick pavers. The second project is a pedestrian bridge over where the Canyon Lake intersects with Broadway just east of the entrance to Mackenzie Park. Pictured below, the sidewalk currently does not connect, so pedestrians walk either through the grass or onto the street.

    In addition to this bond proposal, the City Council unanimously approved a smaller package through certificates of obligation (C.O.). This includes three projects totaling $28 million:
    • Fire Station No. 20 - $7.65 million
    • Unpaved road program - $9 million
    • Erskine Street (west city limits to Frankford Avenue) - $11.3 million

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