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Power Buying Program


What does retail electric competition mean for my business?

Just like comparing and shopping for cell phone or internet plans, retail electric competition means businesses can shop for their own electric plan from multiple retail electric providers, comparing pricing, and overall contract terms.  

Businesses have more options, but shopping takes time and can be confusing

The Chamber's Power Buying Program is a cooperative led by a team of energy experts with experience helping businesses negotiate rates and navigate complicated contract terms. 

The Chamber Power Buying Program

Leverages collective buying power

Leaves the shopping to the energy experts 

Gives businesses the final say

More about the team of experts leading the Chamber Power Buying Program

CQI Associates is an energy and sustainability management consulting firm with 25 years of proven success administering similar programs for Chambers of Commerce. To learn more about CQI visit 

More about the transition 

The transition to retail energy providers occurs in March. Businesses who do not choose will be assigned to a default energy provider. 

What will LP&L do? 

LP&L’s job will be to maintain the electric infrastructure they currently own that transports the electricity and safely delivers the product to customers.


  • Energy deregulation: The act of separating generation, transmission, distribution and sales processes and allowing several supply companies to compete for customers. 
  • Retail electric provider (REP): REPs are the companies that compete with one another in deregulated areas to sell energy. They are responsible for the supply of your energy, while the local utility oversees the delivery. 
  • Transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP): TDSPs own or operate the equipment that transmit and distribute electricity in Texas. LP&L will be the TDSP for Lubbock and will take care of your poles and power lines. This is also the company you should call in case of a power outage. 
  • Default retail provider: A stopgap energy provider who supplies your electricity if you do not choose a retail provider or if your retail provider goes out of business during your contract term.


Q: What happens if I don’t choose a provider for my business? 

A: Businesses not making the choice will be assigned to a default retail provider, a stopgap solution for electricity.

Q: Should I start shopping now? 

A: Yes, the switch to from LP&L to ERCOT happens in March and businesses must choose a provider by February 16th.

Q: What happens to LP&L? 

A: LP&L’s job will be to maintain the electric infrastructure they currently own that transports the electricity and safely delivers the product to customers' businesses and homes. 

Q: Why did the Chamber decide to offer the Power Buying Program? 

A: Chamber members are busy running their organizations. The Power Buying Program was created with the goal of helping our members save time and achieve budget stability.

Q: Who is managing the Chamber's Power Buying Program? 

A: The Chamber is partnering with CQI Associates, an energy and sustainability management consulting firm. CQI was selected because of their proven success administering similar programs for Chamber's of Commerce throughout the U.S. for the past 25 years.  

Q: Do I have to join the Chamber to participate in the Power Buying Program? 

A: Yes, the Power Buying Program is a member benefit giving our businesses access to energy experts and leveraging collective buying power. To join the Chamber contact or

Q: Once I join the Power Buying Program what is my commitment? 

A: To give the energy experts with CQI permission to shop on your behalf you must complete a letter of agreement and provide energy bills, the LOA is here: Letter of Agreement When shopping and comparing is complete, CQI presents the rate and contract terms to the group. You must accept or reject. If you reject the rate you are removed from the program and are free to select an energy provider on your own.

Q: How do I learn more? 

A: Schedule a consultation with Jay Ariano on Calendly.

What people are saying

“Our members love the energy co-op provided by CQI Associates. Well over 90% of the members who participate save, at minimum, the cost of their annual membership fee. We’ve been using CQI for over 20 years and they are professional and trustworthy.”

Mike McMullin, President

Carroll County Chamber of Commerce

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