• Self-Care during Self-Isolation!

    As we approach summer in the time of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to remember your own essential self-care needs. Self-care can mean different things for everyone but taking the time to treat your mind and body through activities you enjoy can help to create some stability and routine during these uncertain times. Popular versions of self-care include: working out, meditating or pampering yourself with a new hairstyle or spa treatment. 
    1: Get Active!
    Getting outside for a run or quick workout can be a great time to clear your head and listen to your body’s needs. Many gyms and personal trainers have gone above and beyond to provide online resources and workout guides to help keep your mind and body engaged without ever having to leave your home! Click here for a comprehensive guide to some of our favorite work outs that can be done from your own living room. 
    If you feel ready to venture out and return to your gym, check out what the new normal is for some of your favorite Lubbock Chamber gyms and find out the steps being taken to keep you safe. 
    2. Take some time to quiet your mind!
    This prolonged experience of social distancing can cause many people to feel some pretty serious anxiety and stress, which is completely normal. By sitting down for some focused quiet time or media ration you can help to ease some of those worried thoughts. 
    Feeling a little unsure about whether you have the patience for mediation? Check out this article for some beginners tips and tricks for finding your zen!
    If you still don’t feel like mediation is the right kind of stress relief for you, experiment with other ways to chill out like reading a favorite book or trying out a new hobby. 
    3. Try out a new look!
    One of the easiest ways to show some self-appreciation is by starting fresh with a brand new look. Now that hair and nail salons have opened up with added safety measures, it’s the perfect time to visit your trusted stylist for a little pick me up!
    Ready to make your appointment? Check out some of our Lubbock Chamber salons who can help make sure that you feel and look your best!
    We hope that these tips and tricks can help to relieve some of the additional stress and anxiety which may be cluttering your life. As we continue to practice social distancing and find ways to protect ourselves and those we love, it is essential to be able to check up on ourselves and listen to the self-care that we need, now more than ever! 

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