• Meet The April Business of the Month

    Meet The April Business of the Month

    Studio West was selected for the April Business of the Month. Studio West became a Chamber member in 2011 and has been highly involved with Chamber ever since. 

     According to their website Studio West will help your business connect a well-defined purpose to an environment that tells your story. They start by planning a functional space, using every valuable inch in the best way. Their process integrates story- telling, interior design, architecture, furnishings and marketing elements. As a result, perhaps for the first time, your business becomes distinguishable from others in your market or industry. Your organization better attracts and retains customers and employees, while capturing new markets and/or greater market share.

    Studio West strives to create a workplace that is functional, specific to your culture and purpose, and inspiring to both customers and employees.

    Once you know you’re ready for a project to happen, Studio West is ready to lead the journey. They engage all members of your team, allowing them to understand your work process and varying viewpoints. Elevating the spirit and energy of the workplace becomes an exercise in collaboration within your team, and with theirs. No matter the project type, it ultimately mandates a certain level of deconstruction and reconstruction: sometimes of the space itself; always of a firm’s identity and culture.

    Studio West’s website states a big part of what they do at Studio West involves connecting people. They diligently aspire to doing good, feeling good and finding good.

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