• Connecting during COVID-19

    Staying connected with those you love is more important than ever before during this COVID-19 pandemic. May 18th is celebrated every year as a day to get together with family, National Visit your Relatives Day is just another excuse to spend time with the important people in your life. This year we encourage you to still reach out to your close family members, social-distancing style! Many people stuck in quarantine this last month have come up with creative ways to feel close to their own loved ones, we hope these interesting ideas will help inspire you to reach out while we all continue to stay safe.

    1. Have a Zoom dance party.
    By sharing a playlist your favorite playlist to jam out to with your family, you can all let go of some stress by throwing a dance party. Grab some tasty West Texas wine and share your best moves through video call.
    1. Virtual Board Game night
    Don’t give up on your family traditions just because of the distance between you. Relive some of your favorite memories while battling it out over a board game. You can still challenge those you love by downloading the app or digital versions of board and card games that have become a staple at all of your family’s get-togethers.
    1. 3. Host a Netflix Party.
    Netflix has provided a new way to hold a movie marathon with those you have been missing during quarantine. Now you can sync each individual Netflix account to watch any movie at the same time during a Netflix Party. You can watch, comment and laugh at the movie just like you would if your loved one was sitting right next to you on the couch.
    1. Send a thoughtful gift.
    Let your relative know you are thinking of them by having a present delivered right to their door. Order a puzzle to keep them busy during their self-isolation days, or even just a dozen cookies for a little pick me up.
    We understand that it is necessary to protect yourself and those around you during this coronavirus pandemic with a physical distance, but we hope these ideas can help you to stay emotional connected to your loved ones. Let us know in the comments down below if you have any unique ways that you have communicated with your loved ones during COVID-19!

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