• Word of the Week- Current

    • For all that the Chamber has accomplished in the past, our sole focus is on creating new opportunities for success today and a bright future tomorrow.
    • Discover new opportunities.
    Being involved in a growing community like Lubbock, it is essential to stay current and make sure you are a part of the conversation. At the Lubbock Chamber we are devoted to representing the interest of the business community throughout all the changes happening around us.

    “Staying current with all the happenings in Lubbock is so important. So keep informed and understand what’s going on and let’s help each other.” –John Zwiacher, Scoggin Dickey Chevrolet-Buick

    “I invested money in new print technology because I believe it will be the future of printing. I want to stay current with the times.” – Sean Kirkpatrick, Integritees Decorated Apparel

    “When you think about a current, it’s all about the flow and I think often in the business community it’s easy to get a little too caught up and rigid at times, so that’s when you have to go with the flow and become versatile.” – Alexis Cornidez, Griffin Wink Advertising

    The Lubbock Chamber exists to help businesses prosper and Lubbock thrive because we believe every dream should have the chance to come true.
    For more information check out this video http://bit.ly/2KmbMCd created by Design Envy and don’t forget to check out next week’s Monday Memo and our Facebook page for the announcement of the new word of the week!


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