• What past participants and attendees are saying: What past participants and attendees are saying:

    “The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce's Hub City BBQ is a premiere event in West Texas! There is great food, drink and music. The cooking teams have a blast firing up their grills, and community thoroughly enjoys the excitement of the event every year!” - Jay Jacobus, Scarborough Specialties


    “Our Team at GVI can't wait every year for the Hub City BBQ Event. We all came, and really worked hard together as a team. And this was great because we work together as a Team at GVI 7 days a week for our clients from all over Texas, New Mexico and other States & Countries, and it's just goes to prove it doesn't matter if we are at work or doing this Hub City deal, we all come together as one when it comes to GVI family.”Glasheen, Valles & Inderman Law Firm


    "From the volunteers to the weather, everything was perfect.  The BBQ  is a great community event for businesses and families alike.  Suddenlink continues to be the presenting sponsor of this event because it promotes everything we stand for -  entertainment, community and family values.”Alona Beesinger, Suddenlink


    "I wanted to tell you what a great time we had at the Chamber BBQ Cook-off this year.  My team and I enjoy participating every year.  I think it is a great way to build friendships, meet new people, and bring the community together.  Thank you for your work to make this fun event happen.”   - Robert Wood, Custom Homes by Robert Wood

    “West Texas Gas is thankful for the opportunity to be associated with such an event as the Hub City BBQ. Being one of the many companies that are committed to Lubbock and involved with this event year after year we are able to showcase our brand and serve thousands of people from the community in one place is fantastic.” Andy Bean, West Texas Gas


    "The Hub City BBQ is a great way to promote your business and interact with the public.”  - Celeste Botros, Turner & Jordan, P.C.


    “Hub City BBQ is a staple of the Lubbock Community. It is one of the things people look forward to yearly. Brings people together and offers a good opportunity to spread word about our business.” - Anonymous Team

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