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    There sometimes seems to be a disconnect between the jobs available now and what students learn in school, and there is no clear idea of what jobs will become available ten years from now. 

    That’s why the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce developed the CEO Roundtablea program to better connect educators with employers.

    The purpose of the program is to attempt to identify future workplace needs in the Lubbock market so that students can better prepare for their futures.

    Using both surveys and in-person dialogue, the Chamber is collecting data to evaluate and collaborate with teachers. This information not only allows students to make informed decisions on what career path they choose, but also helps educators prepare them with the skill set that the workforce needs. 

    The ultimate goal of the Chamber CEO Roundtable is to help educators implement the necessary workforce training into the curriculum. Based on information developed by the CEO Roundtable, Lubbock ISD is currently offering courses in conjunction with local business needs.

    What’s Next?

    Imagine Lubbock Together is keeping an open line of communication between employers and educators and continually collecting and analyzing data to help predict future job trends.

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