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  • "Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Two important ballot initiatives that you need to be aware of are the LISD Bond Election and the proposed Lubbock County Expo Center. The Lubbock Chamber staff and Board of Directors have done extensive research on both initiatives and believe that both need to pass on the November ballot.

    Please note that both of these are at the bottom of your ballot and we encourage you to vote in SUPPORT of both.

    Below is more information on each.

  • Lubbock ISD Bond Proposal - SUPPORT Lubbock ISD Bond Proposal - SUPPORT

    The LISD bond proposal is the district’s first since 2010 and comes with no increase to the tax rate. Lubbock ISD has the second lowest tax rate of the eight school districts in Lubbock County, with the total tax rate remaining at $1.235. This will NOT raise tax dollars.

    LISD is asking for voters to consider the following:

    • Efficiency: $53 million: Addressing existing school facilities through upgrades and a new school replacement.
    • Hardening Facilities: $50 million: Addressing student and staff safety through facility and equipment upgrades
    • Academic Programming: $27 million: Addressing accessibility compliance and equity in academic programming and facilities.


    Click here for more information.

  • LBK County Expo Center - SUPPORT LBK County Expo Center - SUPPORT

    The Lubbock County Expo Center will be a great place for a variety of events for Lubbock County and surrounding communities on the South Plains. This purposeful dirt floor venue will easily host horse shows, equipment shows, professional rodeos, competitive livestock events, concerts, truck pulls, conferences, meetings and many others.

    Lubbock County Expo Center won't cost voters ANY increase in property tax, and it will not be constructed or maintained by ANY governmental entity.

    Who is handling this?

    • For over three years, a steering committee - now a 501(c)3 - has been working to develop a venue to fill the gap needed for a community our size. Under the leadership and vision of local banker and Lubbock Expo Chairman, Randy Jordan, this committee has pledged the construction and maintenance of this project, which will always be a third-party endeavor. The only governmental involvement was for the Lubbock County Commissioners to agree to placing Prop A on the November ballot. NOW it is in the hands of the Lubbock voters to vote in SUPPORT of it.


    How will this venue be paid for?

    • NOT from taxpayers. Prop A requests a two percent (2%) increase in Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT); and a five percent (5%) tax increase for renting a car in Lubbock.
      • The math is simple. A $200/night hotel room would increase the stay by $4 per night (based on the 2% increase)

    THE BIG PICTURE: Based on Visit Lubbock and Hotel/Motel Association stats - that allows nearly $3 million in revenue per year to be earmarked for this venue. Additionally, the 501(c)3 has already identified multiple local entities as potential naming rights for needed funding beyond "HOT" and rental car taxes. There is not a proposal for any increase in property tax. Maintenance and operation funds will be paid with a combination of two additional sources: Private partnership funds from naming rights and parking fees at the venue itself. Negotiations are underway with private parties to enhance the endowment.


    Will this facility compete with other local facilities?

    • Absolutely not. Lubbock County needs a venue that will seat mid-size events. This includes the ABC Rodeo, and multiple other dirt and solid floor events. Additionally, the venue will cater to concerts that don't fill up at the United Supermarkets arena, but are too big for our Civic Center. It will be a great place for monster tractor events, truck pulls, gymnastics, wrestling, hockey, livestock judging, equine events, amature and professional rodeos - the options are endless and perfect for all age groups. This venue will be utilized year-round, and will NOT compete with any other facility.


    What is the economic potential with this venture?

    • The Lubbock County Expo Center will regularly contribute to our community in many ways. This venue is strategically positioned for the growth of the Lubbock community. It will increase visitors to Lubbock attending the various events and local Lubbock restaurants, shopping stores, and hotels will all benefit.


    Learn more by clicking here. Questions? LubbockExpoCenter@gmail.com


    Meet the Steering Committee: 
    Lubbock Expo Chairman, Randy Jordan
    Berhl Robertson LISD-Retired
    Rob Allison LEPAA
    Tim Collins CHR. LEPAA & LEDA
    Bret Lamkin Bledsoe Insurance, Past President LCJLSA
    Janet Mitchell
    Mark Putman ABC Rodeo, AMBUCS
    Greg Schilling Back to Nature, LCJLSA
    Ray Short ABC Rodeo, AMBUCS
    John Weathers Cooper FFA-Retired
    Jay Winter Wintex Farms
    Stanley Young Lubbock Co. Ext. Retired

  • Do your research before hitting the polls!


  • *Get to know your Lubbock County Commissioner candidates before hitting the polls!*

    Precinct 2: Jason Corley and Nick Harpster

    Precinct 4: Chad Seay and T.G. Caraway

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