• Talent Pipeline Management (TPM)

  • The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce and Lubbock Economic Development Alliance are partnering to provide future workforce training and demand planning strategies to benefit Lubbock employers.


    What is TPM?

    TPM was started in 2014 by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as an effort to mobilize the business community to close the skills gap by applying lessons learned from supply chain management to education and workforce partnerships.  Employer collaborations play an expanded role as “end-customers” of a talent supply chain, thus they become more effective at determining their most critical working needs, communicating those needs to trusted partners, and managing and improving performance. 


  • Top benefits of TPM Top benefits of TPM

    • Built on industry best practices
    • Focused on employer ROI
    • Authentically employer-led
    • Creates shared value, competitiveness, and accountability
    • Generates granular, actionable data on employer demand
    • Provides a structured process for collective action and decision makingEngages the full spectrum of talent sourcing providers