• Lubbock Chamber Encourages Businesses to Rally for Recovery

    LUBBOCK, Texas – The Lubbock Chamber in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce encourages employers to join the Rally for Recovery Commitment, an effort for employers to continue to do their part to help protect employees, customers, and communities; reignite the economy, and defeat the pandemic.
    Governor Greg Abbott announced in an Executive Order (GA-34) effective March 10, Texas businesses and facilities are able to operate at 100% capacity and the mask mandate will be lifted.
    “Last week’s announcement is great for Texas businesses, but we want to continue to protect employees, customers, and our entire community, so that together we can continue to reignite our economy,” said Eddie McBride, Chamber President and CEO. “It’s our job as leaders in the business community to encourage employers to practice mask-wearing and social distancing whenever possible. We know that Covid-19 is not over so we must continue to flatten the curve and keep our businesses open and operating.”
    Governor Abbott reiterated during his announcement that performing safety protocols are still a matter of personal responsibility and with an abundance of PPE and better knowledge on how to defend against the virus, he urges Texans to remain vigilant and safe.
    Additionally, the Chamber received COVID-19 Testing Kits from the Texas Department of Emergency Management to distribute throughout the business community for onsite rapid testing for employees.
    “We want our businesses to continue operating as safely as possible including availability of tests for their employees,” said McBride. “We have a limited supply of kits so I encourage any business interested in receiving kits to act fast before we run out.”
    More information about the testing kits can be found here: Lubbockchamber.com/covid-19-testing-kits.
    The Lubbock Chamber is committed to the safety of the business community and encourages businesses to continue practicing health precautions for anyone and everyone that walks through their door.

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