• Lubbock Chamber Board Passes Unanimous Support for City Public Safety Improvements Project

    The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors today (Thursday, August 31) unanimously voted to support the recently proposed City of Lubbock Public Safety Improvements Project.

    In late July and early August, the Public Safety Improvements Project findings of the City of Lubbock Facilities Committee were presented to the City Council. The proposed improvements include three police substations in north, east and south Lubbock, a new downtown police headquarters, a municipal court building and a police property warehouse/crime lab.

    The Chamber resolution reads in part, “that the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce does commend the Lubbock City Council and the City of Lubbock Facilities Committee for their diligent work and efforts to present Public Safety Improvement Project that will improve the safety, qualify of life and well-being of Lubbock citizens and businesses as well as for local law enforcement. Be it further resolved that the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce does support this plan and pledges to assist the City of Lubbock in advancing these efforts.”
    Since 2012 the City has explored options to address Police, Municipal Court and Traffic Engineering/Administration facility needs. In 2013 a Citizen Advisory Committee cited a critical need to move quickly to address these issues. More recently, the Lubbock Police Department began instituting a Community Policing concept that is complemented by dispersed substations and a smaller, central headquarters. During the Lubbock Chamber’s Imagine Lubbock Together public input phase in 2012, the idea of police substations dispersed throughout the community was often cited by participants as they detailed concerns about public safety. In 2017, the City Council Facilities Committee began evaluating proposals and options for a Public Safety Improvements Project.
    On August 24 the City Council passed a resolution directing city staff to coordinate public meetings in order to inform the public about these projects. 


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