• Covenant Health Launches Community Give Back Program

    release courtesy of Covenant Health

    Covenant Health, along with support from the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, has launched the Community Give Back Program.

    The Covenant Health Community Give Back Program is dedicated to providing support to local businesses through both health and safety measures, as well as financial stimulation.

    Covenant Health has a surplus of personal protective equipment through an abundance of donations from our community. At this time, we have reestablished our supply lines, assessed our current supply, and are confident our caregivers, as well as patients and visitors, will be protected with our current level of PPE supplies.

    Covenant Health will be providing local businesses with our excess supply of personal protective equipment and training for necessary screenings and cleaning processes. We have also created a hotline businesses can call to get health and safety advice from our physicians and infectious disease experts.

    Covenant Health, through Covenant Health Partners, will also facilitate COVID-19 testing and COVID-19 antibody testing for any business that chooses to offer that service for employees.

    Covenant Health will also work to financially support these businesses by encouraging caregivers and our community to spend their dollars locally through social media campaigns.

    “At Covenant Health we are stewards of good health,” Covenant Health Lubbock Region CEO Walt Cathey said. “While most consider the body the core of good health, we go beyond to help heal the mind and the spirit, and in this case, help provide financial healing for our community. If we can help businesses safely open their doors and keep their employees and customers safe, then that is the kind of healing we need to provide at this time.”

    Lubbock and the surrounding communities have shown our hospitals tremendous support during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have supplied us with lifesaving PPE and supplies, they’ve showered us with their prayers and support, and they’ve kept our bodies energized with many delicious meals. This program is one way we can take care of our community as they have cared for us.

    Covenant Health wants to thank Eddie McBride and his team with the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce for their input and support as we identified which businesses could use our assistance in reopening. We would also like to thank the City of Lubbock and Lubbock Economic Development Alliance for their continued support.

    This program will immediately focus on businesses in Lubbock and we are looking at expanding to other parts of our region.

    Call (806) 725-6087 to schedule a time to pick up the supplies needed or to schedule an appointment for COVID / anti-body testing.

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