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  • We have been through some tough experiences over the last several months. Many of our friends or families lost loved ones and hundreds more lost their livelihoods. Many are fortunate to be less impacted while a significant amount of our Lubbock community is suffering through this pandemic’s effect. While tremendous efforts are being made to help those who need support, we still need to do more.

    Locally, our leaders and decision-makers have taken advantage of bright minds and eager folks to work together to fight the virus as well as keep us safe. Our health care systems and first responders along with our front-line workers provide incredible assistance. Together, we are responding to a situation none of us are trained or prepared to experience.

    Our businesses, large and small, are helping lead the recovery effort either directly or indirectly and will continue to focus on reopening to serve their customers and employees. The Chamber and our members partnered to help bring about access to information and resources to help keep us operating and notified of changes during the height of the crisis. Simultaneously, we continued to provide policy recommendations on behalf of the needs of the business community at all levels of government on issues ranging from funding, business liability, and displaced workers. 

    As we continue to reopen and get back to business, the following reopening for business guidelines is intended to help you prepare, assist with training, support your employees and customers, and follow current instructions provided by Federal, State of Texas and City of Lubbock. 

    Let us know where else we may assist you.

    Eddie McBride | President/CEO


  • Click here for a flip the page version or click here for the pdf and to download the guide.

    Revised: September 17, 2020


  • Beginning November 1, the City of Lubbock will return to the outdoor gathering restrictions set forth by Governor Greg Abbott's Executive Order GA-32, issued on October 7, 2020, due to the recent uptick in Coronavirus cases across the area.

    GA-32 outlines that all outdoor gatherings of 10 or more people are prohibited unless authorized by the Mayor.

    The following outdoor activities/events are exempted from this order, thus not prohibited:

    • youth camps, including daytime and overnight camps
    • youth and adult recreational sporting events/programs
    • any public or private schools, and any public or private institutions of higher education
    • drive-in concerts, movies, or similar events
    • religious services

    *This order ONLY applies to outdoor events within the Lubbock city limits

  • *Update on July 6, Lubbock County Judge Curtis Parrish issued a proclamation permitting outdoor gatherings in excess of 10 people.

    Governor Greg Abbott has issued Executive Order 29 requiring all Texans to wear a face-covering over the nose and mouth in public spaces, with few exceptions, in counties with 20 or more positive COVID-19 cases.

    The Governor also issued a proclamation giving mayors and county judges the ability to impose restrictions on some outdoor gatherings of over 10.


    According to the Governor’s order, “Every person in Texas shall wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when inside a commercial entity or other building or space open to the public, or when in an outdoor public space, wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing from another person not in the same household,” with the following exceptions:

    1. any person younger than 10 years of age.

    2. any person with a medical condition or disability that prevents wearing a face covering.

    3. any person while the person is consuming food or drink, or is seated at a restaurant to eat or drink.

    4. any person while the person is (a) exercising outdoors or engaging in physical activity outdoors, and (b) maintaining a safe distance from other people not in the same household.

    5. any person while the person is driving alone or with passengers who are part of the same household as the driver.

    6. any person obtaining a service that requires temporary removal of the face covering for security surveillance, screening, or a need for specific access to the face, such as while visiting a bank or while obtaining a personal care service involving the face, but only to the extent necessary for the temporary removal.

    7. any person while the person is in a swimming pool, lake, or similar body of water.

    8. any person who is voting, assisting a voter, serving as a poli watcher, or actively administering an election, but wearing a face covering is strongly encouraged.

    9. any person who is actively providing or obtaining access to religious worship, but wearing a face covering is strongly encouraged.

    10. any person while the person is giving a speech for a broadcast or to an audience.

    11. any person in a county (a) that meets the requisite criteria promulgated by the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) regarding minimal cases of COVID-19, and (b) whose county judge has affirmatively opted-out of this face-covering requirement by filing with TDEM the required face-covering attestation form—provided, however, that wearing a face covering is highly recommended, and every county is strongly encouraged to follow these face-covering standards.

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