• Civic Lubbock, Inc. & Lubbock Arts Alliance’s Long Range Event Planning Calendar

  • The Lubbock Arts Alliance has entered into an agreement with Civic Lubbock, Inc. to prepare, coordinate and distribute a multi-year planning calendar listing the major art and entertainment events in the community. This was done in an effort to minimize scheduling conflicts which could lessen audiences for all involved.  The number of events in Lubbock has risen dramatically.  Being able to have the arts calendar on hand to check on dates before scheduling an event is extremely convenient and almost a necessity these days.  There are hundreds of organizations in town and only a limited number of weekend days, etc. to schedule these events.  A few conflicts are going to be a given but considering the large number of event planners things have worked out quite smoothly.  The calendar continues to grow in participants and events.

    The primary purpose for this calendar is that all event promoters and arts organization directors can easily look ahead, check out any future dates, and know at a mere glance what events already have been confirmed (and by whom) on any specific date.  

    This gives promoters and directors enough advance knowledge to know whether they wish to plan an event on a certain date, or whether it might be more advantageous for them to use a different date.

    No other calendar in the city of Lubbock offers such listings, for so many varied arts and entertainment events, for such a lengthy period of time.

    To that end, not every potential conflict can be avoided, but we believe the information provided by this calendar allows for informed decisions to be made by promoters and directors. Please note that this calendar is for reference only and should not be published. 

    We do hope that your organization will become a part of our ever growing Lubbock long range planning calendar.  If your organization would like to be included please send an email to JillHKerns@aol.com with the name of your organization, the person in charge (Executive Director, Marketing Manager, etc.) along with your title, your email address as well as a phone number and you will be added to the upcoming calendar mail out.

    If you have any additional questions please contact Jill Kerns at JillHKerns@aol.com or at 806.632.0668.

    Lubbock Arts Calendar

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