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    Job Description
    Job Description

    Some of our entry points include:
    Retail Agent – This is a great opportunity for experienced, well capitalized insurance professionals and business professionals alike that would prefer to build an agency quickly using turn-key systems. Agents receive a $10,000 office startup bonus. Agents receive additional monthly and annual bonuses on premium written across Personal lines, Commercial lines and Life for three consecutive years, starting at 300% of earned new business commission. The bonuses are in addition to new business commissions. % monthly

    Seed Agent – There are situations where an agent has to retire unexpectedly and has not had time to put a succession plan in place. In these situations, the book of business is transferred to a qualified candidate. The candidate receives the benefit of immediate revenue without the cost of acquisition while Farmers preserves the existing location. The candidate will receive an existing book of business to service and cross sell, as well as $10,000 in an office start up bonus.

    Agency Acquisition- You may also acquire an existing book of business and start with a residual income right away. If an individual purchases the service commission rights to a book of business with less than 1,000 policies in force, the agent will receive additional lucrative monthly bonuses on top of new business commissions and service commissions in addition to a $10,000 office start up bonus.

    Agency Producer – Protégé For individuals who may not be ready or are not interested in owning their own business we have producer positions available in our retail locations. The hiring for this position is subject to the discretion of the agency owner and is filled as we expand offices throughout the Lubbock area.

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    Today, the companies comprising the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies make up one of the country's largest insurers of vehicles, homes and small businesses and provide a wide range of other insurance and financial services products. Farmers is proud to serve more than 10 million households with more than 20 million individual policies across all 50 states through the efforts of over 50,000 exclusive and independent agents and nearly 24,000 employees. The Farmers Exchanges are three reciprocal insurers (Farmers Insurance Exchange, Fire Insurance Exchange and Truck Insurance Exchange) owned by their policyholders, and together with their subsidiaries and affiliates comprise the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. Farmers Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries, in their capacity as attorneys-in-fact, provide administrative and management services to the Farmers Exchanges
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