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    Job Description
    Vista College is currently hiring an Allied Health Program Director at our Lubbock, Texas campus.


    Under the supervision of the Director of Education, a Program Director is responsible for the effective implementation of approved curriculum and educational programs.  The Program Director is responsible for meeting company thresholds regarding enrollments, retention, completion, and placement rates for their assigned programs. Provides support to program, faculty and students, administration, and the campus as a whole. Teaching loads are determined every grading period taking into account factors such as department size, administrative responsibilities, additional duties, corporate involvement, etc.


    Administrative/Compliance Expectations:


    • Work with campus administration to ensure compliance with academic (COE, TWC, ACCSC), regulatory (OSHA, USDA), and professional accreditation (AVMA);

    • Conduct and/or participate in strategic retention initiatives as appropriate for program/campus success;

    • Update Career Services regularly on industry trends, job openings, and placements;

    • Participate as directed in all faculty meetings, campus trainings/meetings, department meetings, in-services, graduations, etc.; 

    • Recruit and maintain program specific Occupational Advisory Committee; conduct meetings; provide documentation in accordance with the OAC policy guidelines;

    • Participate as directed on the Institutional Advisory Committee;

    • Conduct department meetings and provide feedback to Administration regarding curriculum, textbooks and instructional materials;


    Student Administration:


    • Participate in New Student Orientation including conducing program specific orientation;

    • Conduct attendance and academic advising, and administer the S.A.V.E. process;

    • Promote Student Services to high-risk students and work collaborative with the SSC to promote retention efforts

    • Proactively notify administration about student issues within the department;

    • Assist with educational issues regarding transfer credits, tutoring, pre-requisite waivers, etc.;

    • Work with the Externship Coordinator (EC) to ensure students are on task and moving towards successful completion. Accompany the EC on site visits to promote the program and gain information about placement and curriculum development;

    • Administer student discipline as directed by the Director of Education;

    • Coordinate with Admissions and Student Services to support late-start and re-entry students in accordance with policy and procedure.


    Faculty/Program Administration:


    • Teach classes as needed;

    • Assist with the recruitment, hiring, onboarding and ongoing training of new departmental faculty and substitute bench;

    • Ensure faculty receives instructor materials and access to any additional resources 2 weeks prior to the start of the grading period;

    • Ensure instructors are skilled at the competencies they teach;

    • Ensure faculty compliance with all deadlines, professional development requirements, professional certification/licensures, faculty file documentation, etc.;

    • Ensure incorporation of up-to-date curriculum and materials in classes;

    • Conduct faculty observations and performance evaluations in conjunction with the DOE as directed;

    • Provide frequent and constructive feedback regarding faculty performance based on pre-determined metrics, observations, and mid-course student survey results;

    • Oversee clinical operations and ensure that students are completing all requirements in the clinical experiences (if applicable);

    • Sponsor student club/organization for program as directed by DOE;

    • Conduct Product Knowledge Training regularly with the Admissions Department;

    • Promote the program at campus/company-sponsored events;

    • Develop, promote and conduct department-specific professional/educational development opportunities in the community;

    • Maintain department bulletin board;

    • Oversee classroom conditions and maintain lab equipment and supplies;

    • Complete other duties as assigned



    Employment qualification is based on a combination of education and work experience commensurate with accrediting body regulations. Some positions may also require up-to-date licenses. All work experience must be attained within the ten years immediately preceding employment by the school.     





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