• Entertainment and Recreation

    More than half of the residents that participated in the initials stages of Imagine Lubbock Together indicated they were unsatisfied with Lubbock’s retail and entertainment option.

    Because of Lubbock’s location as a true Hub City, it is geographically poised to become a regional cultural, entertainment and shopping center. And while Lubbock has not yet reached the same status as other urban Texas cities, its population growth has recently attracted major box stores and entertainment venues.

    A few new faces
    • Alamo Drafthouse
    • Home Good’s
    • Chuy’s
    • Longhorn Steak House
    • Red Robin
    • Steak N’ Shake
    • Marshall’s
    • Nike

    Continual economic growth is essential to maintain the city’s population trajectory, and the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce is working to find more ways to do just that. Through a Retail Attraction Study being done in conjunction with a Rawls College of Business course, the Chamber is further evaluating the trends and needs of the Lubbock community.

    What’s Next?

    With a little TLC, Lubbock’s Canyon Lakes could become a major environmental attraction for the city. With the help of the community, an Imagine Lubbock Together goal is to further develop that area as well as other entertainment venues including the South Plains Fair Grounds. 


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