A thriving downtown is a sign of a healthy community. Having an economically healthy, culturally vibrant downtown offers benefits such as providing activities for younger people, providing opportunities for entrepreneurship, and retaining college graduates and other young professionals. 

    Thousands of communities throughout the U.S. have successfully demonstrated that with coordinated, collaborative effort, a solid economic development strategy, and effective district-specific leadership, older and historic downtown's can not only thrive, but can once again become their communities’ largest employment centers, most popular visitor attractions, and most desired residential neighborhoods

    Multiple organizations are actively working to revitalize what was once the heart of the city, including the City and private ventures. Check out this Lubbock Economic Development Alliance video to see all of the investments that have already been made in downtown.

    Residential housing is a key factor in revitalizing the area and one upscale apartment and multi-purpose project has already been built.  

    What’s Next?

    Downtown redevelopment coincides with most of Imagine Lubbock Together’s goals. Bike lanes linking downtown to Texas Tech and eventually the Canyon Lakes are a priority as well as bringing the arts community together in one cultural district. Imagine Lubbock Together would like to strengthen and expand the Depot District which will involve both the arts community and law enforcement. New housing and multi-purpose projects will attract additional retail and restaurants to downtown and will be key to its successful redevelopment.