• The 2020 Diversity Summit was held on Tues., March 3 at the Overton Hotel and Conference Center.


  • Breakout Sessions (1:30-2:45 p.m.) Breakout Sessions (1:30-2:45 p.m.)

    • “Did I say something wrong?” – How Effective Communication Fosters Inclusion
       A culture of equality creates trust, innovation and results in business growth. This session will focus on clear communications channels to foster a       diverse, inclusive, accepting, welcoming space for employees and customers and how that translates to being open for business to serve all people.
       Moderator: Cory Powell, TTU Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
      Panelists: James Harris, H-E-B | Tony Vedda, North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce


    • Owning and Elevating Your Seat At The Table: Women in Leadership
      We have a seat at the table....now what? We will explore the process of not only owning your seat but elevating the responsibility and opportunity to bring diversity of thought, perspective and ideas to the conversation in order to influence, impact change, growth and outcomes.
      Speaker: Stacey Lemons, Marsh & McLennan Agency - SW


    • Veterans in the Workplace, Issues and Opportunities to Help
      Less than 1% of our population serves in the military. Does that make them a veteran? Are they battle-damaged with PTSD? Are they all heroes? Should you hire a veteran? Would you recognize the signs of a veteran who is struggling? This panel is designed to help bridge our military-civil divide, opening the doors of success when you hire veterans.
      Moderator: Dave Lewis, Director of Veterans Services for Harris County
      Panelists: Norman Bearden, Texas Workforce Commission; John Beck; Beck Steel; Devin Sherman, J Fer Pros
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  • BREAKOUT SESSIONS (3:00 - 4:15 P.M.) BREAKOUT SESSIONS (3:00 - 4:15 P.M.)

    • Peeking Behind the Cloak of Invisibility
      What you don’t know, can hurt you!  Invisible workplace challenges are anything but invisible to your bottom line.  Absenteeism, low productivity, errors, employee in-fighting, low morale…sound familiar?  It’s possible you have an employee with invisible health challenges, like alcoholism, drug addiction, serious depression or other mental health issues. This session will not only help you learn how to identify potential employee behavioral health issues before they become big problems for your business, but also give you tangible ideas about what to do if you have an employee who needs your help.
      Moderator: Beth Lawson, StarCare Specialty Health System
      StarCare Panel: Marle Antu | Bobby Carter | Kris Galvan 


    • What is the importance of diversity in law enforcement and how does it help us connect and engage our communities?
      Law enforcement agencies have historically been seen as one of the primary entry points into city government services. In many cases police departments continue to serve as the first call for many of its citizens to a vast number of governmental and social services. Law enforcement has not only accepted this role but has excelled in it. As such, it is vital that members of our nation’s law enforcement agencies strive to represent the communities they serve. In this session, Chief Mitchell will discuss how striving for diversity within his agency allows for better communication and understanding in modern police-community engagement.
      Speaker: Chief Floyd Mitchell, Lubbock Police Department


    • Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce
      Diversity is an important and valuable characteristic of the American workplace. Thoughtfully designed strategies, such as outreach efforts to previously overlooked talent pools can help to effectively recruit and retaining a diverse workforce and foster economic inclusion.
      Speakers: Kevin McConic and Terri Morris | Covenant Health System

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