• The Chamber's 2019 Diversity Summit, consisted of multiple breakout sessions with a variety of topics to better enhance how businesses handle the wide-range of diversity in the workplace today.  The Summit kicked off with a luncheon and keynote speaker Carol Sumner, EdD, Vice President of the Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Texas Tech University.

  • The 2019 seminars are listed below The 2019 seminars are listed below

    Leading in an Intergenerational Workplace

    Are generational differences in the workplace overstated, or is this a legitimate challenge facing employers and employees everywhere? Do businesses need to change the way they recruit new talent? How can we best lead others at work, regardless of age and experience? This panel will discuss challenges, trends, opportunities, and advice for how people of all ages can successfully navigate the waters of an increasingly diverse workplace.

    CEO Forum

    Building game changing organizations: Aligning the performance, purpose and people. Equipping leadership to recognize the unique skills and talents of our employees.

    Leadership in a Multicultural Workplace

    Hear from leaders who are successfully managing multicultural workplaces every day. Learn about best practices in diversity management and multi-cultural communication as this panel discusses current business issues related to managing and leading in a multi-cultural workplace.

    Stories From the Front: Women Talk Diversity

    This panel will dive into some facts about the status of women in our Lubbock community. Hear from women leaders on how they experience and manage diversity in the workplace.

    Disability Issues in the Workplace: Accessibility considerations beyond ADA requirements. Recognizing and supervision of employees with invisible challenges.

    Do you work with or manage someone that has a disability? Is that disability visible to the naked eye? Not all disabilities are obvious. Companies say they are conscious about creating a diverse team or workforce, but traditionally diversity includes gender, ethnic and racial background and it doesn’t include disabilities. Join Michelle Crain, Executive Director, Life/Run and learn more about how to identify and create positive experiences for current employees and for job seekers with disabilities.

    Justice for All? Economic Inclusion and the Law

    From EEOC to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Reform, this discussion will focus on the legal framework, existing barriers and potential reforms aimed at bringing diverse or underserved communities into the financial and economic mainstream. Hear experts bring together their perspectives on these intertwined topics.


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