• Wednesday, September 23 at 10 AM

    It seems as if EVERYTHING has changed in the last six months, but has insurance changed too? Do you have the best insurance for your business? Learn to ask your insurance provider the right questions and make sure you're covered in the future.

  • Tuesday, October 13 at 10 AM

    Human Resources is extremely important for any business, but now it is even more so. What do your employees need to feel safe in the workplace in today's world? Are you able to accommodate certain employees' needs while meeting all of their expectations? The CARES Act may change many of those things we once were accustomed to. This webinar will make sure you are up-to-date and aware of all things HR.

  • Tuesday, October 27 at 10 AM | sponsored by: PeopleFund

    What is the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)? How does it defer from the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)? How do you apply? How do you receive the funds? What is the deadline for these programs and do they still have money available? Learn all of this and more in this upcoming webinar that is ALL about business loans and the ways your business could benefit.

  • Tuesday, September 29 at 10 AM

    • What new job skills are highly desirable?
    • Will new employees expect to be able to work in the office and from home?
    • Can you compete with other employers when searching for the right candidate?
    • Hiring to retain employees
    • How to attract a talented and skilled applicant pool
  • Tuesday, October 20 at 10 AM

    In this webinar, we will give an overview of today's childcare industry and what may have changed in a few short months due to the recent pandemic. Every parent asks the same questions, "How can I keep my child safe and healthy?" and "Is this the right daycare fit?". Learn what you should be looking for in a childcare facility and all the questions you should be asking.

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  • Tuesday, September 15 at 10 AM

    Meetings have changed from face-to-face to virtual overnight, how has this impacted your industry and what are you doing to overcome these obstacles? Join the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce as you learn easy ways to market your business during difficult times. 

    In this webinar you will...

    • Learn what it takes to create a podcast and find out if it right for your business.
    • Learn more about social media platforms and if you are doing enough or too much.
    • Ask yourself what do customers want from my brand and what is the best way to reach them?
  • Wednesday, August 26 at 2 p.m.

    Texans are slowly returning to the physical workplace, in conjunction with the re-opening of schools, colleges, and universities across the state. Guests from Texas Mutual Insurance Company will share what policyholders are doing and provide tips to help businesses across Texas safely return to the workplace from lessons they've learned throughout the pandemic.

    Speakers: Eric Bourquin, Texas Mutual Insurance Company; Chris Carpenter, Armstrong Mechanical; Nina Leung, Ph.D., Texas Mutual Insurance Company; Jackie Sekiguchi, Texas Mutual Insurance Company

  • Thursday, September 10 at 10 AM

    Every business has a purpose, to make money or raise money for a greater cause, and without customers, clients, and donors to support a business or cause it would not exist. Everyone knows that, yet businesses across the country are being shut down or expected to change their business models overnight.

    This webinar will discuss how businesses can create a safe and comfortable environment for its employees and customers alike. Another shut down would be detrimental to the business community and our economy which is why it is more important than ever to follow the specified guidelines. This webinar will give an overview of the "Lubbock Safe!" program while also giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions of the presenter(s).

  • Tuesday, August 18 at 10 AM

    The following panel will discuss changes for the 2020 fall semester along with new safety measures for students and faculty: Dr. Scott McDowell, Lubbock Christian University; Dr. Robin Satterwhite, South Plains College; Noel Sloan, Texas Tech University; and Dr. Bobby Hall, Wayland Baptist University. They will also discuss virtual learning opportunities and the pros/cons of in-person learning while sharing the current plan for the Spring semester.

  • Tuesday, September 1 at 10 AM

    • What has the hotel occupancy been over the last several months?
    • What steps are our local venues and the food industry workers taking to plan for large indoor/outdoor gatherings during COVID-19?
    • How do we ensure proper social distancing guidelines are being followed while still having a successful event or fun night out?


    The following guests: Chris Berry, Lubbock Restaurant Association; Scott Joslove, Texas Hotel and Lodging Association; Brianna Gerardi, City of Lubbock will give insight into the last quarter and how they've been affected while forecasting what they believe lies ahead for the remainder of 2020.