• YEA! Investor Panel Encourages Entrepreneurial Spirit of Students

    YEA! Investor Panel Encourages Entrepreneurial Spirit of Students

    The Lubbock Chamber Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is a program for students ages 11 to 18. YEA! teaches these students the importance and purpose of social and business entrepreneurship. In its third year, YEA! offers students the opportunity to learn these principles though a yearlong project-based, hands-on entrepreneurial education. Students are taught to write a business plan, make a pitch to potential investors/supporters, obtain funding, and launch their company. By the end of the program the students will have a fully operational business. These are real businesses!

    YEA! Investors distribute seed funding to the student businesses at the Investor Panel to be used to launch their businesses. At the YEA! Investor Panel Presentation Event, students “pitch” their business plans and ideas. Investors then decide, based on the merit of each presentation, which groups they will “invest” their money in.  Investors may choose to fund one enterprise at 100%, several at various percent, or all of the businesses equally.
    Each of the 16 YEA! students have come up with their own individual business idea. These kiddos have some creative minds, and YEA! prides itself on having a creative atmosphere that stimulates these young minds to expand and grow. A list of the proposed businesses is included below:

    1. Ethan Carter with Ethan’s Earthly Edibles, has developed an implemented his own organic mushroom farming business.
    2. Joseph Diaz with Jojo’s Flower Power, combines his creativity and love for flowers by developing a floral arrangements business.
    3. Jillian Franco with J Squats, has developed kids fitness videos to help encourage kids to get up and move will being able to watch fun interactive videos.
    4. Ashley Garza with The Cookie Jar, combines her entrepreneurial spirit with her love for baking to create a gourmet cookie business.
    5. Alisa Gonzales with Lissa's Lash Serum, found an unmet need and filled the gap with her innovative all natural false eyelash cleanser.
    6. Ava Gutierrez with La Aroma, created a sugar scrub business that will leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling beautiful.
    7. Daniel Jones with Fort In A Box, has created a box with everything a child needs to build their own fort at home.
    8. Leah Jones with My 4 Chair Feet, has come up with a way to save your floors through her chair sock business.
    9. Diego Minjarez with Art & Soul, allows you to create your own piece of art through his art in a box business.
    10. Natalia Minjarez with SavvySave, has made it easier than ever to save your money with her 3 jars for saving money - Spend, save, and donate.
    11. Alexus Moore with Baking With Love, has made dessert easier than ever with her single serve dessert in a mug business.
    12. Troy Nations with Lubbock Auto Detailing, will come to you and leave your car looking a smelling like new with his mobile washing and detailing business.
    13. Destiny Urrutia with Star Pet Collars, allows you to create a customizable one of a kind collar for your pet through her leather pet collar business.
    14. Sergey West with Scantron Smart, helps you never have to worry about getting the perfect scantron bubble again with his scantron marker business.
    15. London Williams with Thoughts and Things, creates custom journals for you to write and preserve your own creativity.
    16. Whyana Wilson with Hair Scenttress, will leave your weave smelling fresh by using the essential oils of your choice with her customizable hair extensions business.
    YEA! Investor Panel Presentations Event will be held on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, at the TTU Innovation Hub. Don’t miss your chance to experience these unique businesses first hand and visit our website to see success stories from the last two years

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