• Why and How Your Business Can Rally for Recovery

    Why and How Your Business Can Rally for Recovery

    The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to encourage businesses to join the Rally for Recovery Commitment. This is a chance for the business community to lead the effort to defeat COVID-19 so we can safely return to a sense of normalcy as we emerge from the economic turmoil brought on by the pandemic.

    Some examples of how your business can join the rally are:
    • Provide masks for employees and customers
    • Develop a plan to help your employees get vaccinated once it’s their turn
    • Stay in communication with your customers and communities about how your business is continuing to keep people as safe as possible

    Vaccine rollout is ramping up. Lubbock is among the leaders in doses administered per capita across the state of Texas, and the Biden administration announced that production has increased to allow every adult American who wants a vaccine to get one by the end of May. All of this is on the heels of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine being approved by the FDA and announcing a joint partnership with Merck to supplement the production and delivery of the vaccine.

    Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that beginning March 10, all Texas businesses can be 100% open and that the statewide mask mandate will end. He was also sure to add that the announcement doesn’t mean COVID-19 is over nor should people let their guards down. With an abundance of PPE and better knowledge on how to defend against the virus, he urges Texans to remain vigilant and safe.

    Another way to continue remaining as safe as possible while businesses are capable of full operation is to keep testing when feasible. The Lubbock Chamber received COVID-19 testing kits from the Texas Department of Emergency Management to distribute to area businesses so that they can test employees and keep their staff and customers safe. The supply received from TDEM is limited, so we encourage any businesses interested in utilizing these free testing kits to contact the Chamber as soon as possible.

    The Chamber is proud of our members and the numerous ways they have adapted in unprecedented circumstances. The work is not over yet, but with your help to Rally for Recovery, we can cross the finish line and emerge from this pandemic safely and back on the road to economic prosperity.

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