• What is Proposition A and Why You Should Vote for It

    What is Proposition A and Why You Should Vote for It

    Last year Lubbock initiated the transportation roadway improvement program (TRIP). Lubbock County has worked closely with the surrounding cities, school districts, state and federal entities, and other stakeholders to identify road infrastructure needs through the 2024 planning year.

     TRIP took the list of infrastructure needs and organized them into three tiers. Each tier is determined by the importance of the project, with the first tier being the greatest and most time sensitive. About $600 million is estimated to address the total needs of road infrastructure in Lubbock County, roughly $100 million of which are classified in the first tier.  

    Expansion of Woodrow Road and west Lubbock roads are among the projects that have been deemed most important. Lubbock-Cooper ISD and Frenship ISD are two of the fastest growing school districts in Texas, and the roads need to be updated to support the additional traffic.  Last week at a news conference held at the Chamber school officials said the current infrastructure is deteriorating at an accelerated rate due to the rapid growth in the area.

    Lubbock County consulted with state, regional, local and school district partners before the Commissioners Court unanimously approved a long-term Transportation Improvement Plan.

    Proposition A encompasses the first tier programs identified by the Lubbock County transportation roadway improvement program. County Judge Curtis Parrish has indicated construction could begin almost immediately if the bond passes. Lubbock County Officials hope TRIP 2019 will enhance the safety of everyone who travels on roads throughout the county.

    According to County Judge Parrish the improvements of road infrastructure will benefit the commute to work and school by supplying safer roads. Lubbock is expected to continue to grow as a community, which will bring an even higher volume of traffic on roads that are currently unequipped to handle the traffic they have now. As the school systems grow, so must the surrounding roads, Proposition A provides a comprehensive plan to do just that.

    Lubbock-Cooper ISD Superintendent Keith Bryant, Frenship ISD Superintendent Michelle McCord and Lubbock ISD CFO Jeff Baum recognize the importance of Proposition A and the benefits it will bring to the school districts.  

    Early voting is going on now through Tues. April 30. Election day is Sat. May 4. For early voting locations and additional details on Proposition A click here.

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