• Tips and Tricks for Road Safety this Winter

    Tips and Tricks for Road Safety this Winter

    Congratulations to Alderson Auto Group for being selected as the October Business of the Month and for their 70 years of serving the Lubbock community through luxury auto sales. Alderson Auto Group was founded in 1949 by father and son, Walter G. Alderson and Gene Alderson with the intent of focusing on building strong client relationships while also giving back to the community. Today, Alderson represents five luxury brands and endeavors to carry on their traditions and values through its third generation of owners.
    During this time of the year, the "spooky" conditions and cold weather can leave you worrying about the safety of your  vehicles. Check out these tips and tricks for keeping your car in great shape through these cold winter nights.

    1: Practice diligence with your tire pressure! Tire pressure should be checked at least once a week during winter months to prevent low levels in any of your tires. A 10-degree drop in temperature can cause your tires to lose about a pound of pressure each. Driving with under-inflated tires will prematurely wear down tires, leaving you unable to navigate through snowy and icy streets!

    2: Plan for a tune-up as the weather grows colder. Cold weather can often intensify any existing issues your vehicle might be experiencing. This is also prime opportunity to switch out tires or windshield wipers to prepare for the possibility of snow!

    3: Keep your fuel stocked! Running on less than half a tank of gas risks small amounts of fuel freezing in your tank or gas lines. Ensuring you have an ample amount of fuel also serves as a safety net in case of an unfortunate emergency or getting stuck due to unsafe driving conditions.

    4: Spend your time at your destination! Not waiting for an engine to heat up. The best way to prepare your engine when the weather drops, is to drive at a slow steady pace for the first 10 minutes of your drive. Research says that idling your vehicle is typically ineffective after about thirty seconds of sitting stagnant.

    5: Don’t get caught unprepared! During the winter months, it is especially important to have an emergency kit in your trunk or under the seats of your vehicle. Make sure to keep an ice scraper, snow brush, blanket, extra clothes, water and jumper cables in your car as a safety net for any situation!

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    For more information about Alderson Auto Group and their diligent service as Lubbock Chamber members click here.

    Thank you to our October Business of the Month sponsor Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages.

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