• Thoughts on COVID-19 Quarantine, From your Dog!


    Another day here in staycation starts with an extra hour of cuddles with my human. Usually my human is so cranky in the mornings, running late and a quick pat on the head before he’s gone all day. But the last 2 weeks my human has stayed home with me. It’s like I’m a puppy all over again, we get to play all day!

    After breakfast my human and I both sit down and play with our favorite toys. I settle in for some quality time with my squeaky elephant and he gets to play with his laptop. While I will never understand how my human can choose a laptop over playing with me and my squeaky elephant, we both keep ourselves busy for most of the morning.

    My human stands up from his place at the dining room table and announces that it’s time to take a trip. I run to sit right next to the front door while he put on his shoes, my tail thumping excitedly against the carpet. As soon as my leash is attached, I’m out the door! I wonder if today we will walk to the park or around the block? My human seems so much more willing to take me on walks now that he’s been staying home.

    My owner surprises me, instead of heading towards the park or turning the other direction for a loop around the neighborhood, he tells me to load up in the car. This is even better! I immediately jump in the front seat, ready to feel the wind on my face and stick my tongue out the window.

    I ride shotgun with my human for just a couple of minutes while he pats my head, until we reach our destination. My human comes around to my side and lets me out then leads me into my groomers, where I see some friendly, familiar faces. I quickly say goodbye to my owner and am led by my groomer to start my pampering.

    I am shampooed, dried and treated to a trim on my hair and nails before my owner comes to pick me up in time for dinner. After another tasty meal, my human puts me in one of my favorite cozy sweaters and we settle in to watch a movie on the couch. I love that my owner has so much time down time to spend with me now and can rub my belly for as long as I want!

    Finally as my eyes start to get heavy, my human stands up and says it is time for bed. But first he says we both deserve a treat for making it through another day of quarantine. I quickly run to the kitchen where my owner grabs something sweet for himself and hands me a delicious, freshly-baked biscuit.

    As I start to fall asleep next to my human’s feet, I hope to wake up tomorrow to another perfect day together, just like today.


    At the Lubbock Chamber, we hope this time of self-isolation has a silver lining that you can spend more quality time with those you love, including your pets! Try to remember that while staying at home all day may seem difficult for you if you look at it from your pet’s perspective it is a great day, because they get you all to themselves! With National Pet Day this last weekend, we hope you were able to celebrate your pets to show some appreciation for all of their unconditional love. Let us know in the comments down below how you and your pet spent this year’s National Pet Day while in isolation!


    We hope you enjoy these pictures for an inside look at how some of the Lubbock Chamber staff’s pets are enjoying their owner’s full attention at home!


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