• Texas Chamber of Commerce Week - a time to celebrate our members!

    The Lubbock Chamber, since its creation in 1913, has served as a catalyst for business growth; a convener of leaders and influencers; and a champion for the Lubbock community. The Chamber serves as a huge resource for its almost 1,800 members and the strength of the Lubbock business community as a whole.

    The Chamber was founded with the intentions of uniting small and large businesses in Lubbock to represent our member’s interests. The Board of Directors establishes additional values of integrity, collaborations and focus on our members to ensure we return the investment of our business partners.

    Chambers of Commerce have often been viewed by some as socializing bodies with the purpose of allowing business owners to network. Although still a valuable resource for connecting with other business leaders and consumers alike, today’s chamber is much more. The Lubbock Chamber works in every arena to promote economic and community development, while serving as an advocate for Lubbock businesses. Learn more by watching our "What is the Chamber" video here and visit our member directory to ensure you support local member businesses. 

    Texas Chamber of Commerce week is a time to celebrate the Lubbock Chamber’s history as a trusted friend leading business-to-business exchange opportunities. The Lubbock Chamber fortifies business relations and interactions between all economic players and members of the Chamber benefit from a broad range of activities that enhance the visibility and reputation of their business. The Chamber has always taken the lead to celebrate the best qualities of Lubbock and make its residents proud of where they live.

    See what some of our members have to say about the value of their Lubbock Chamber membership and how the chamber has been invaluable for their business.

    “(The Lubbock Chamber) helps us support each other, it helps us make referrals to each other. And it’s just a great thing to be a part of.” –Lisa Fraze, Lubbock Christian University

    “It has been a great way to get connected with different organizations within the community, and make great business connections.” –Chance Bilbrey, Adventure Park

    The Lubbock Chamber exists to help businesses prosper and Lubbock thrive because we believe every dream should have the chance to come true.
    For more information check out this video http://bit.ly/2KmbMCd created by Design Envy 

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