• Primary Election Workers Needed - Businesses Encouraged to Provide Volunteers

    Primary Election Workers Needed - Businesses Encouraged to Provide Volunteers

    Elections are the basis of our Democracy and offer public voters the opportunity to place people in office that we believe will best represent our community and our values. This process is of the utmost importance to our democratic process and we must take our roles as voters seriously. Elections allow the peaceful transfer of power between officials through voter participation. Each person has a right to his or her own opinion and it should be expressed. It is also important to vote in an election because every vote counts and can make a difference. Voting gives everyone the chance to privately express his or her views on a variety of topics.
    Primary elections are held by any political party of the state to select the nominees for upcoming general elections while the general election is held to choose the candidate to hold a public office.
    Voters casting their ballots in local polling places record their votes with the help of election officials and this year, March 3 is the primary voting day. Our Lubbock County Elections Office provides the staff necessary to serve in the voting locations and they need the community’s help. 
    Full-day training for the polling sites begins next week and as a perk for volunteering, you get paid $9 an hour during training. March 3, voting day, is also a full day and these positions pay $11 an hour. These jobs are important because paid voting staff members provide our community with the opportunity to vote and keep the security and integrity of the process intact. 
    The Lubbock Chamber and our business community members have an opportunity to help the Lubbock County Elections Office by providing volunteer workers to train and staff the various voting places. I’m asking all of you to spread the word and encourage your employees, family members, friends, and church groups to get involved and help. Workers can be as young as 16-years-old and anyone 18-years of age and older must be a registered voter in Lubbock County.
    Please spread the word to help ensure our basic voting rights are protected and voting places have the staff available to help us vote. Click here to learn more about this great opportunity.

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