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    Still on the fence about membership? Check out Amy Riggan's recent Chamber testimonial below. You can always sign-up online here or contact the Chamber at (806) 761-7000 to speak with one of our membership directors.

        Becoming a part of the Chamber of Lubbock has not only changed my career in the respect of helping me grow my business, but it has totally changed my life with the relationships I have developed with members of the community I live in.
        I will start with a little background on myself to help solidify just how impactful the Chamber has been for me. I grew up in Lubbock, born and raised, then left Lubbock to go to college in Arkansas. When I returned I pursued a career in Nursing, and after 5 years I took a major leap of faith and changed career paths completely. I pursued my career in Insurance Sales with Texas Farm Bureau. I found very early on that I was so pleased and satisfied with my decision, however, I did not have a background in sales, marketing, or advertising. I had learned the products for Insurance, but not how to go about finding people to help provide insurance for.
        So about 6 months into my career, I felt as though I was floundering. I actually met Amy Rock, a fellow member of the Chamber and Ambassadors, and she is the one who took me under her wing and told me what the Ambassador program within the Chamber was all about. I immediately joined, and to say that it was the best choice I had ever made regarding how to help grow my business, would be the largest understatement of the century.
         I began attending all the events that the Chamber sponsors and hosts, and meeting other professionals in my community who are in the same boat as me trying to network and build relationships and grow our businesses. Not only did I start making those relationships with others, but it helped improve my attitude daily, my morale at home and at work, it motivates me when I am lacking, it lifts me up when I am struggling, and it keeps me engaged with the community around me.
        The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce is so much more than a business, it is a family of friends that are there day in and day out to help you grow not only your Business, but yourself. I am so very thankful for every single face I  have had the pleasure of meeting, every friendship I have built, and I am so thankful that the Chamber has allowed me to do that.

    Amy Riggans | Texas Farm Bureau Insurance (Member since June 2000!)


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