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    How has being a member of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce helped to increase your business, relationships in the business community and/or community involvement? 
    We realized early on in our membership with the Chamber that this was so much more than events and networking opportunities. Those are important, but business owners need to understand the value of a pro-business group like the Chamber as it relates to regulations, laws, etc. at the local, state and national levels. The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce is on the front lines fighting on the behalf of business owners at every level.  
    When did Madera Residential join the Chamber? Madera Residential has been a member of the Chamber since 2011. We are a proud Lubbock company that initially joined for the networking opportunities with like-minded Lubbock companies the Chamber provides.  
    What is your favorite part of being a member of the Chamber? Our favorite part of being a part of the Chamber is the people. The Chamber has an extraordinary staff. They are hard-working and passionate about making Lubbock a pro-business city. Beyond the staff they also have amazing leadership with the board and executive committee. The programming the Lubbock Chamber provides to help develop leaders with the Ambassador Program and Leadership Lubbock are second to none.  

    In what ways is Madera Residential involved with the Chamber? Our company is very involved as it relates to Chamber events, but we also covet the volunteer leadership opportunities that exist.  Currently, I (Dave Marcincowski) am on the executive committee for the Chamber. This year Madera Companies submitted multiple applications for our folks to participate in Leadership Lubbock and we nominated several people for the Young Professionals Twenty Under Forty award. We believe very strongly in the mission of the Chamber and will continue to look for opportunities to help advance its agenda.  
    Does Madera Residential have a favorite Chamber event? If so, what? We love the Hub City BBQ Cook-off, but the YEA! program has a very special place in our heart. We love programs that provide an opportunity to develop the young minds that will be our future! 

    Tell us about your business. Madera Companies is a full-service real estate company specializing in value-add apartments. We currently own/manage 14,000 apartment units across Texas.  

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