• Leadership: Who is Driving Your Business?

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    When business performance needs to be improved, it may well be wise to start the improvement process by first exploring the course of the leadership of that business.

    Leadership is about painting a current picture of the future in the form of a vision. The common thing in all of the great leadership stories of the world is the ability to create that vision and then be able to share that vision with the people.

    Leadership is a powerful creative tool and when embraced by business owners, has immense impact on the success that can be obtained in that business.

    Managers in corporations have been guided by this concept for some time and for "tomorrow's leaders" the following has been written.

    "Every executive, every manager, to fulfill the role, must have a vision- a vision of where the organization will be and what it will look like in the future. They must create that vision and then share it with those reporting to them, if they are to gain a high level of employee involvement and commitment and attain a high level of productivity."

    So it is in business. To succeed, the business owner must paint the picture and be willing to share that vision with the team. It is from this beginning that so many success stories have evolved. It is in the absence of this beginning that so many businesses have failed.


    Who is driving your business?

    It is in this area of business development that the small to medium size business owner will be challenged when the future direction becomes unclear because of rapid and continual changes occurring within the market place and the speed of the change generated by the technological age that we live in.

    Excellence in the level of service demanded by the customer today increases as you meet the level of his expectations of yesterday. The need to continue to deliver to the market place, a product or service that is better today then it was yesterday, will challenge the visions that the leader will create and the team will receive.

    Low team moral, absenteeism and resignations are some signs that leadership has become engulfed and is in need of repair. The five key components of leadership to examine in yourself are:

    1) Your personal work habits- are you setting a good, healthy example for your team?

    2) How do you handle moods/stress? Your team will feed off your reactions to difficult situations. If you panic and fall apart, so will they!

    3) What is your leadership infrastructure and system (or lack there of)?

    4) What is your vision and strategy, and has it clearly been communicated with the team?

    5) What is your relationship with your team? Most importantly- do they trust you?

    Your team, and therefore your business, will go only as far as you can lead them. The stronger a leader you can learn to become, the stronger your team and business will be as well. 

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