• Keep the Porch Light On 2019

    The City of Lubbock yesterday issued a proclamation to keep the porch light on Veterans Day to remember and honor those currently serving and our Veterans who have served in peace time or war. The City of Lubbock led by Mayor Dan Pope and the City Council encourage all citizens to shine a light at their home from Sunday, Nov.10th, at sunset through sunrise, Tuesday, Nov.12th.
    As our country remains divided and fractured, let us unite and come together for 36 hours this weekend to stand shoulder to shoulder supporting the 1/4 of 1%  who are on active duty. May the porch light act as a shield protecting those who serve in harms’ way. May the porch light provide cover for those Veterans who have challenges. May the porch light bring them comfort and peace. And let us remember, it is the Veteran who have kept us free.
    Please tell your friends, family members and business associates to turn on the porch light on Sunday evening and keep it on until sunrise on Tuesday. Let the light shine in Lubbock and your community as we pay tribute to those who defend and have defended our great country.

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