• How to Achieve Your Health and Wellness Resolution

    How to Achieve Your Health and Wellness Resolution

    The New Year has begun and like many others my resolution for 2019 is to improve my health and fitness.

    The mistake many make is only focusing on one aspect of health and wellness, like working out, and not paying attention to other areas like nutrition, physical and mental health.

    Jake Herring, with Global Health Chiropractic, said a good stretching routine is necessary to make sure the muscles are limber, making it less likely to pull a muscle. He said chiropractic care helps keep the spine in place so you can have a more effective workout.

    “While both working out and nutrition is beneficial to physical health, there are other areas that we must pay attention to as well,” Herring said. “Most people focus on working out which is great, but true physical health starts with a good healthy diet and proper supplementation.” 

    Herring said you must be sure of why you are doing a health resolution and stick to it. He said you should ask yourself questions like: Is it for your kids? Is it because someone else is doing it? Is there a deeper reason? Are you doing it for yourself or someone else?

    Results take time. People want to see results overnight, and when this doesn’t happen, people get impatient, quit, and forget why they are doing it in the first place. If it’s not very important and personal to you, it won’t last,” Herring said.

    “Chiropractic does so much more than just help with neck and back pain as most people think. Chiropractic helps your body function how it was supposed to by removing nerve interference,” Herring said. “When your body is functioning properly you will have more energy, and are more willing to workout and live a healthier lifestyle. Along with Chiropractic care, we can give diet and supplement recommendations along with different exercises and stretches you could try.”

    Albert Arrezola, with iLoveKickboxing Lubbock, said a strong workout and nutrition plan are required to achieve true physical health. He said an accountability partner can help keep you on track.

    Every resolution is personal. Get to know their personal reason for setting that resolution, and it will be easy to keep them on track. Also make them understand that physical health is important, and it allow them to live a long healthy life,” Arrezola said.

    Arrezola said iLoveKickboxing offers all the components necessary to achieve your fitness goals. He said they offer trainers with workout plans, nutrition, and accountability. He said to be able to reach your goal you need a place that can offer all three of these components.

    “Don’t be afraid to fail before you succeed. Set weekly goals to help keep you on track. If you fail to reach one of these goals brush it off, and go right back at it the next week,” Arrezola said.

    Are you wanting to learn more about health and wellness? Attend the Lubbock Business Expo January 24 and visit the Wellness Zone. Global Health Chiropractic and iLoveKickboxing will be in attendance, along with many local health and wellness business in town. This is a great opportunity to ask questions of the experts while learning how to be the best version of you in 2019!

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