• End Hunger. Give Hope. Enrich Lives.

    End Hunger. Give Hope. Enrich Lives.

    That is what the South Plains Food Bank does every day for nearly 60,000 individuals across the South Plains. One in seven people in the community are food-insecure. One in four of those people are children. For 35 years the SPFB has recognized the need for such a simple necessity in life: food.

    The food bank knows that Hunger Knows No Age. Nearly 30,000 kids suffer from the pain of hunger every day. More than half of the Senior population has to choose between paying for medication or paying for food. That is why the SPFB is dedicated to raising awareness of the hunger epidemic in your community; in your neighborhood; in your child’s school. No matter your color, age or ethnicity; no matter what life has gifted you or taken away; the SPFB is there to provide the assistance needed to make it to tomorrow.

    For Roger, a client of the food bank, a heart attack turned his world upside down.

    “My name is Roger, and I’m a 67-year-old grandfather. I was working hard to provide for my family as a truck driver when my world changed in an instant. I had a heart attack. I literally died on the table. It was a frightening time and I didn’t think I was going to make it. I worried about who would take care of my family. Without me working, I didn’t think they would survive. I survived the heart attack but spent two months of hard recovery in the hospital. I couldn’t feel my legs at first and couldn’t even hold a pen. I had to learn to walk again. With no money for expensive medication and a family to support, I really needed to go back to work. But I was not able to do that right away. Bills piled up and we needed to eat. I was getting desperate. That’s when I found out about the South Plains Food Bank. I couldn’t believe it! We get healthy, good food here. Healthy food like corn and vegetables is so important. If it wasn’t for the Food Bank, I would have no money for the bills or for my family. The food we receive from the Food Bank helps us so much. We can use all the help we can get. I’m so grateful for everyone who supports the Food Bank and helps make it happen. It is such a blessing. The Food Bank has helped me and my family so much! Thank you for helping me make sure my family doesn’t go hungry during this difficult time. I’m grateful to each one of you.”

    With the support of the community, the food bank can reach more families like Roger’s and impact more lives. Join us for lunch and see all of the ways we are bettering the community. Be a guardian angel for someone in need. Just $30 provides 90 meals. Donate today at SPFB.org.

    The South Plains Food Bank does such great work in our community and that is why the Lubbock Chamber is proud to announce that they are our December Business of the Month. Learn more below.

    How has being a member of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce helped to increase your business, relationships in the business community and/or community involvement?
    We've been a member of the Lubbock Chamber since 2000 and it has greatly helped us bring awareness of cause to a huge group of businesses across our community. The networking and visibility brought to the South Plains Food Bank greatly increases the number of new people who are able to learn about what we do to feed the hungry and give them opportunities to get involved.
    What is your favorite part of being a member of the Chamber?
    The many opportunities we have to share our work with the Lubbock community.
    In what ways is the South Plains Food Bank involved with the Chamber? 
    We are very glad to be able to present to the Ambassador luncheons each year and sometimes host at our food bank for a tour. A few of our development staff are members of the Young Professionals group and attending the Lunch and Learns has been very helpful to them as they are building their careers.
    Does the South Plains Food Bank have a favorite Chamber event? If so, what?
    Every year the chamber hosts a ribbon cutting ceremony to help us kick off the U Can Share food drive on the first day of the drive. It is great to have so many people come out and support one of our biggest events of the year to raise as much food and funds so we can continue to provide food for the over 57,000 individuals we are able to help.  
    To learn more about the South Plains Food Bank visit its website.

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