• Could a New Travel Option be Rolling into the Hub City?

    An exciting new travel option for Lubbock area residents could be on its way to the Hub City. Last week, representatives from Coach USA/Megabus visited with the Lubbock Chamber’s Transportation Committee about exploring the possibility of adding service to Lubbock. Megabus is a low-fare, city-to-city bus system that serves areas across North America. Within the state of Texas, they currently serve the metro triangle of Houston, Dallas, and Austin/San Antonio. However, they indicated an interest in expanding into West Texas and connecting the eastern half of the state with places like Lubbock, Midland-Odessa, and El Paso.

    A key advantage that Megabus touts is that its buses are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing riders to conduct business, study, or manage other things that they typically wouldn’t be able to do during a five or six-hour drive. Or another advantage compared to driving one’s self is that riders can doze off and take a nap during the trip if they want to (and this is what I did a few years ago when I rode a Megabus from Austin to Dallas).

    Lubbock could be an extremely appealing option for Megabus, as it could connect our student population (many from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex) to the rest of their network. Throughout the semester – and particularly on traveling weekends surrounding events like the Thanksgiving holiday and spring break – there is certainly a demand for students to travel between Lubbock and the metroplex. A Megabus route connecting Lubbock to the metroplex would give students a safe and affordable option to get home.

    Discussions are preliminary at this point, but the Chamber is working to assist Megabus with its efforts to collect data about the Lubbock market that could help with its decision-making. If all the pieces come together, Megabus could become an option for Lubbock-area residents that would enhance our ability to conduct business across the state.

    What are your thoughts? Is this something you think Lubbock needs? Would you take advantage of this cheap travel option?

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