• Bahama Buck's Creates Memories One Sno at a Time

    On May 15 I had the opportunity to experience my first Leadership Lubbock class. This particular day was all about sports! As a recent graduate of Texas Tech University I found it a bit sentimental to get a behind the scenes look at the Texas Tech athletic program. Throughout the day I had the privilege to hear presentations from Texas Tech Lady Raiders basketball Coach Marlene Stollings, Olympic High Jump Competitor Bradley Akins, former Texas Tech Kicker, Keith Toogood, and LCU Lady Chaps basketball Assistant Coach Vic Self; to just name a few. 

    Although this day was filled with athletics the presentation that stuck with me the most was by Kippi Buchanan of Bahama Buck’s. The Buchanan’s story of building their business truly touched my heart. Bahama Buck’s carries a strong sentimentality for me. I can still remember the very first time I tried one of their snow cones (sno). It was in June of 2015 in College Station, I had purchased a piña colada sno (my favorite flavor) and from the moment I took my first bite I was hooked. We don’t have a Bahama Buck’s in my hometown of Beaumont, so I never knew about the history behind it.

     When I moved to Lubbock in August of 2015, my freshman year of college, I looked up the nearest Bahama Buck’s only to discover that Lubbock is where Bahama Buck’s began. Needless to say I was ecstatic that my new favorite snow cones were so close by. Throughout my college career Bahama Buck’s became a comfort to me. It reminded me of that summer in College Station with my friends as we said our goodbyes and parted ways on our very different life paths. Every time I got homesick for my friends and family nearly 10 hours away I would go to Bahama Buck’s for a piña colada sno, and instantly feel better. Bahama Buck’s sno has been  a huge part of my college life with many late night sno runs with friends, pick me ups after a bad day, or celebrating doing well on an exam; Bahama Buck’s has been there through it all.

    When Kippi Buchanan came to present to Leadership Lubbock I was beyond excited. Getting to see one of the faces behind Bahama Buck’s made all of that sentimentality even more real for me. Kippi was very transparent about the struggles of starting a business and raising a family.  Hearing about all the sacrifices the owners had to make to expand their business and turn it into what it is today, has made me love Bahama Bucks even more.  Getting an inside look into how Bahama Buck’s was built has given me an even larger attachment to my favorite snow cones. I closed out the day with a piña colada sno  from Bahama Buck’s, and it may have been the best one yet.

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