• 9 Recipes to Serve at Your Super Bowl Party

    The key to having a successful Super Bowl party is a great home theatre set up, and appetizers that keep everyone going back for more. The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and while I may not be able to help with your home theatre set up, I sure can with your appetizers. I have compiled a list of 10 appetizers that are sure to satisfy everyone and have them cheering before kick-off. Your guests may come to watch the Super Bowl, but they will stay for the food. This list of recipes contains the traditional super bowl snacks to keep your friends satisfied. Yet, there are some new and fun recipes that will leave your guests begging for more.

    Sorghum Taco Salad
    Taco salad has all of the taste of a taco without the mess. Use Sorghum instead of rice to add a new twist to the traditional taco salad. You could add queso and turn it into supreme nachos. United Sorghum Checkoff Program has provided us with this taco salad recipe.

    Cold Corn Dip
    This cold corn dip is great on chips or by itself as a side. It is super easy and can be made ahead of time, so you can just pull it out of the fridge once your guests start arriving. It is perfect for snacking on before burgers or during the game. Texas Corn Producers (TCP) recently shared this cold corn dip recipe.


    Stuffed Mushrooms
    These stuffed mushrooms may become the new staple for your Super Bowl party. They are easy to munch on and offer a soft and crunchy texture compo. Mushrooms have a natural spice and bit to them that pairs well with the sorghum. This recipe has been provided by Sorghum checkoff.


    Creamy Hot Bacon Corn Dip
    Chips and dip are an easy crowd pleaser. Keep your guests munching with this flavor packed creamy bacon corn dip. Add some Jalapenos for some extra spice and flavor. TCP also recently shared this recipe.


    PB&J Sliders
    When it comes to sliders there is an unlimited amount of variations. You could do the traditional ground beef patty, ham and cheese, BBQ, and much more. These PB&J sliders add some crunch from the peanut butter and bacon. Add your favorite cheese to personalize your sliders. Texas Peanut Producers Board (TCPB) provided this tasty sliders recipe.


    Baked Chicken Wings With Thai Peaunut Sauce
    You can’t have a football party without wings. These Thai peanut wings are oh so crispy and sweet with a little tang from the sauce. You can make them boneless or leave them on the bone; it just depends on your snacking preference.  Recipe provided by TCPB.


    Peanut Butter Lovers Cheescake Bites
    Cheese cake is always a crowd pleaser, especially for those who have a sweet tooth. The sweetness of peanut butter pairs nicely with the cream cheese in this peanut butter cheese cake recipe. This can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge until your guests are ready for some dessert.  TCPB provided this peanut butter lovers cheesecake recipe.


    Peanut Butter Cups
    Chocolate and peanut butter may just go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Make your own peanut butter cups with this recipe and your guests are sure to be amazed. Crumble them up and put them on top of ice cream for a cooling dessert.  Peanut butter cup recipe provided by TCPB.


    Sorghum Glazed Pecan Brownie 
    You can never go wrong with a good brownie.  These sorghum glazed pecan brownies add new flavor to the traditional brownie. Your guests will be surprised and delighted by the sweetness the sorghum adds to the brownie. Sorghum Checkoff provided this delicious brownie recipe.


    Hosting a Super Bowl Party can be a lot of work, which is why  I have included a list of local business hosting their own Super Bowl party or having a special. These businesses have made Super Bowl easier than ever, by taking all of the pressure off. Meet your friends and hang out while you watch the game, and take advantage of these specials.

    Main Event Entertainment will be offering a $20 Promotion where any guest will receive $20 in FREE Arcade Play with a purchase of $20 in Arcade Play.  This is available at Main Event Lubbock only and must be purchased at the Bowl Desk.
    One guy from ItalyFamily Restaurant will be offering a large pizza, wings and six pack of beer bundle for $30


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