• 7 Big Game Promo Ideas for Your Business

    7 Big Game Promo Ideas for Your Business

    Football season is coming to a close and with that comes the most anticipated and watched game of the year, the Super Bowl. During the season football commands the viewer’s attention multiple times a week, especially if your favorite team is playing. Regardless if your team made it to the Super Bowl, you most likely have a team that you’re rooting for.

    The Super Bowl is a multi-million industry, but how can a small business join in on the cash flow? Below is a list of marketing tips and ideas for the Super Bowl, but first keep in mind that the NFL owns the rights to the Super Bowl and the football teams. The biggest issue to pay attention to is advertising without using the words “Super Bowl” or either of the team names. Really just stay away from anything NFL. The best way to avoid this is to use The Big Gameinstead of Super Bowl”.


    Super Bowl Commercial

    Paying for a commercial during the Super Bowl is a great way to get your business out there. During the game the ball is actually only in play for about 10 minutes, this leaves the rest of the time open for commercials and advertisements. Many viewers even think the commercials are the best part!

    Have a Sale or Special the Week or Day of the Game

    Everyone loves a good sale. Market “The Big Game” by encouraging people to come into your store. Some marketing ideas could be BOGO on food, team merchandise, party supplies, etc

    Host a Super Bowl Party at Your Business (make sure to have a TV setup if you don’t have one already)

    Not everyone is up for hosting a large Super Bowl party for their friends, take the pressure off by hosting your own. This way you get more people in your business and everyone has a good time. Your customers will get to enjoy more of the game and spend less time worrying if they have enough appetizers for everyone.

    Giveawaysin person or on social media

    People LOVE free stuff. What better way to promote your business than to have a giveaway? Social media requires minimal effort and it’s a great way to gain more followers along with an increase in post engagement. In person giveaways can require more effort, but it will bring more people into your business. Require them to be there for the drawing and they will most likely do some shopping while they wait.

    Utilize Twitter / Facebook / Snapchat / Instagram

    Live tweet/post during the game. Create a fun and unique hashtag for your followers to engage with your business during the game.

    Use Team Colors to Create Specialty Foods

    Rooting for your favored team is half the fun of the Super Bowl. Let everyone know who you favor by creating a specialty food item. This is a creative and fun way to show support for your favorite team.

    Party in a Box

    Have a premade box of goodies ready to grab in the store or to be delivered to the customer. The party box could include paper goods, appetizers, desserts, and drinks. You could also make a specialty box with cheeses, assorted beverages, etc.

    We want to hear from you! Share your ideas and successful marketing campaigns from over the years.
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