• Word of the Week- Commitment

    • We have dedicated our lives and our work to achieving great things. And we understand this requires a very practical and pragmatic approach to this work.
    • Get the support you need to grow.
    The Lubbock Chamber has been a constant within the business community. We work hard to develop relationships which will benefit our members and continue to encourage economic growth here in Lubbock.

    “Commitment means to stick with the process even when it’s hard.” -Temekia William, NTS Communications

    “Commitment to me means loyalty, follow through and consistency.”- Andrea Gaines, NTS Communications

    The Lubbock Chamber exists to help businesses prosper and Lubbock thrive because we believe every dream should have the chance to come true.
    For more information check out this video http://bit.ly/2KmbMCd created by Design Envy and don’t forget to check out next week’s Monday Memo and our Facebook page for the announcement of the new word of the week!


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