• 2021 Year in Review: Local Government

    2021 Year in Review: Local Government

    This year has been an especially busy one between the change in presidential administrations, the state legislature meeting for its regular session (plus three special sessions), local government activity, and the continued emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, the Lubbock Chamber has kept an eye out for policy issues that impact business in the Lubbock area.

    Here’s a review of our activity at the local level in 2021.

    City Charter Reform

    • Conducted survey of potential City Charter reforms (i.e. pay for City Council positions, petition requirements for updates to the City Charter, etc.) in February; more than 500 responses
    • The City Council ultimately decided not to act on any City Charter reform this year, but indicated a City Charter amendment election could be in store for the future

    Lubbock-Cooper ISD Bond
    • Lubbock Chamber PAC contributed $5,000 to the bond effort for Lubbock-Cooper ISD in May and promoted “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) efforts
    • As one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas, the bond was needed to ensure academic and extracurricular facilities could accommodate students in the near term and for years to come
    • All three components of the bond package passed in the May elections

    Civic and Public Leadership Academy
    • Hosted academy for aspiring candidates for political office and other community stakeholders looking to influence public policy outside of elected office
    • More than 40 were in attendance and heard directly from seasoned campaign veterans, City of Lubbock staff, and current/former elected officials such as Mayor Pro Tem Steve Massengale, former Mayor David Langston, and Lubbock ISD Trustee Beth Bridges

    City of Lubbock Streets Bond Proposal
    • Compiled information and educated the public on various components of the City of Lubbock’s proposed streets bond
    • Supported GOTV efforts with other Lubbock business associations such as the West Texas Home Builders Association, Lubbock Association of Realtors, and Lubbock Apartment Association
    • The bond vote did not pass in the November elections, so the City Council is exploring the future of the projects that are still needed for maintenance and continued growth in Lubbock

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