Beautification affects all aspects of city life. Making the city more beautiful will make it attractive to business, bring more visitors, and define the city’s image both internally and externally. In neighborhoods, it will increase property values and the quality of life of residents. Engaging the community in keeping neighborhoods and districts clean will increase a sense of pride and ownership in keeping Lubbock attractive.

    Imagine Lubbock Together is working to create gateways at the major highway entrances to the city—something that reflects a sense of unity within the Lubbock community and welcomes visitors. This project is still in the early stages.

    Keeping the streets litter free is also a major part of keeping Lubbock beautiful. With that in mind, Imagine Lubbock Together is engaging civic organizations and neighborhood associations from across the city to help with a clean-up effort. 

    Learn more about organizing a community clean-up here.

    Early in the process, Imagine Lubbock Together worked to identify the best approach for branding our city to both internal and external audiences. Marketing professionals from all different fields in Lubbock came together to engage in a focus group on this topic. The consensus among all was there was not a current need to have a broad branding campaign. Each entity planned to work on their own marketing efforts currently with the hope of revisiting this discussion at a later time.  

    What’s Next?
    Imagine Lubbock Together is working to build gateways in the major entrances of Lubbock by bringing local organizations together and developing an action plan. To learn more about the gateways project, please review this presentation.

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